Incidents in Pabna, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

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Recent Events

Event ID Date Country Event
68043-139302-353497 2/24/2014 Bangladesh Police arrested a regional leader of Purbo Bangla Communist Party-Red Flag (PBCP-Red Flag), Abu Hanif from Chachkia village of Pabna District on February 22, reports The Bangladesh Today.
67518-138073-350505 1/22/2014 Bangladesh Police arrested District JeI secretary from Masum Bazar in the Pabna town on January 20 after an 18-party procession.
67191-137268-348368 1/1/2014 Bangladesh The most notable of the nine charges brought against Subhan is killing of 300-400 people including Hindus by the Pakistani army and its local collaborators under his leadership at several villages in Satbaria union of Sujanagar sub-District of Pabna District on May 12, 1971.
67191-137268-348377 1/1/2014 Bangladesh On May 20, 1971, under the leadership of Subhan, the Pakistani army allegedly picked up 18 people from Varara village in Pabna District and killed one of them instantly.
66864-136448-346143 12/12/2013 Bangladesh Undergrounds operatives killed a local trader in Santhia sub-Diostrict of Pabna District on December 9, reports The Daily Star.
66435-135170-342887 11/15/2013 Bangladesh In Pabna District, 500 BNP-JeI activists were sued in Faridpur sub-District of the District for attacking an AL rally there.


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The original source are newspaper clippings and extracts collected by the South Asian Terrorism Portal.