Incidents in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Recent Events

Event ID Date Country Event
9909-16884-40218 9/13/2002 India Separately, unidentified terrorists, on September 12, stepped-up attacks on SFs targeting Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Border Security Force (BSF) teams at five places in Rajouri town, Fatehpur and Thanna Mandi injuring three SF personnel.
8893-15229-36523 7/9/2002 India Also, unidentified terrorists abducted a civilian from Fatehpur village, Mandi sector on July 8.
3822-8260-19023 7/9/2001 India Meanwhile, a civilian was killed by a group of five terrorists in the Fatehpur village on July 8.
1547-3397-7410 11/13/2000 India In another incident, security forces raided and destroyed a terrorist hideout in Fatehpur, Rajouri district.


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The original source are newspaper clippings and extracts collected by the South Asian Terrorism Portal.