Incidents in Manang, West, Nepal

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Recent Events

Event ID Date Country Event
49459-95894-241763 5/7/2011 Nepal Two motorcycle-borne assailants shot dead Bindeshwar Mahato at Manaharwa Chok near his house.
31959-58153-135379 1/9/2008 Nepal Lalitpur Superintendent of Police, Pashupati Upadhyaya, said that based on Mandal's preliminary interrogation, police also arrested 19 other workers of the JTMM-J from various parts of the valley.
30390-54458-125943 8/31/2007 Nepal Maoists accused Bista of killing a Maoist, Khadak Darji, in March 2007 at Manma.
28353-50270-115308 3/27/2007 Nepal The Maoists have threatened to kill Khem Bhandari, the editor of Abhiyan daily, which is published from Mahendranagar, Himalayan Times reports.
25836-44845-101699 8/16/2006 Nepal Press Trust of India has reported that the Maoist insurgents on August 15 abducted two Indian citizens from Mahendranagar.
20141-33940-77130 3/11/2005 Nepal Villagers from Hathihawa, Biduwa, lawani, Nandanagar, Banskhor, Patariya, Ajigara, Jahadi, Kushwa and Fulika have fled as the Maoists attacked villagers claiming they were involved in the recent spate of anti-Maoist violence, reports said.


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The original source are newspaper clippings and extracts collected by the South Asian Terrorism Portal.