Terrorist Incidents in Galle, Sri Lanka

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Recent Events

Event ID Date State Event
54129-105833-267114 2/15/2012 Galle According to a Colombo Page report, the Criminal Investigation Department has arrested a person with suicide vest in Galle on February 14.
41389-79304-196341 12/12/2009 Galle Authorities in Thailand arrested five people, including a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadre, for producing and smuggling more than 300 fake European Union (EU) passports and other official European documents, officials said on December 11, according to Daily News.
38331-73169-175883 5/18/2009 Galle Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan mission in Hague in Netherlands was once again attacked by LTTE supporters, the Foreign Ministry said.
38331-73169-175884 5/18/2009 Galle This was the second time the LTTE supporters have attacked the Embassy in Hague within a week.
38331-73169-175886 5/18/2009 Galle Suspected LTTE supporters attacked the Sri Lankan Embassy in Hague on May 11th and broke window panes and causing damage to the Embassy.
38331-73170-175889 5/18/2009 Galle They have attacked the Sri Lankan missions in London, Oslo, Hague in Netherlands, and Paris.


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Listing of All Recorded Events

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District Number of Events
Galle 18

The original source are newspaper clippings and extracts collected by the South Asian Terrorism Portal.