Terrorist Incidents in Gampaha, Sri Lanka

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Recent Events

Event ID Date State Event
35155-66121-156531 10/5/2008 Gampaha During two separate confrontations in the Palamoddai area, the troops killed two LTTE cadres.
34829-65279-154443 9/11/2008 Gampaha Elsewhere, the SFs neutralised an unspecified number of LTTE bunkers in the areas north of Palamoddai, Navathkulama and Kompuwennakulam killing three militants while injuring four others.
34728-65032-153820 9/3/2008 Gampaha The troops neutralised three LTTE trench lines in the areas north of Palamoddai, Navathkulama and Kottakkarankulam killing seven militants and injuring nine others.
34695-64951-153577 9/1/2008 Gampaha In a separate encounter in the Palamoddai area, the troops eliminated another militant while injuring one more.
34600-64702-152942 8/24/2008 Gampaha Elsewhere, the security forces (SFs) captured three LTTE trenches killing seven militants and wounding 17 others in the north of Palamoddai on August 22.
34500-64420-152191 8/16/2008 Gampaha In the encounter at Palamoddai, the security forces (SFs) captured four bunkers and one 81-mm mortar point killing nine militants while injuring 10 others.


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Listing of All Recorded Events

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District Number of Events
Gampaha 61

The original source are newspaper clippings and extracts collected by the South Asian Terrorism Portal.