Terrorist Incidents in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

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Recent Events

Event ID Date State Event
35249-66362-157167 10/12/2008 Nuwara Eliya Separately, the troops killed one LTTE cadre at Nagarkovil.
35234-66319-157060 10/11/2008 Nuwara Eliya In a separate incident, the troops killed another militant at Nagarkovil.
33370-61658-144809 5/7/2008 Nuwara Eliya At Nagarkovil, the troops clashed with a group of LTTE militants and injured one of them.
32844-60280-141080 3/21/2008 Nuwara Eliya Security forces (SFs) also killed one LTTE militant about 150-meter ahead of the Nagarkovil FDL.
32318-59094-138039 2/9/2008 Nuwara Eliya Troops killed another LTTE militant a few metres ahead of the Nagarkovil FDL.
31681-57478-133668 12/17/2007 Nuwara Eliya Further, troops killed a LTTE infiltrator, identified as Isaamudan alias Nadarasa Suriyaprakash, at the Nagarkovil FDL (Forward Defence Line).


Violence Spatial Dimension in 2013 Time-Series Dimension

Listing of All Recorded Events

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District Number of Events
Nuwara Eliya 30

The original source are newspaper clippings and extracts collected by the South Asian Terrorism Portal.