Terrorist Incidents in Puttalam, Sri Lanka

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Recent Events

Event ID Date State Event
38239-72975-175285 5/13/2009 Puttalam Separately, two suspects carrying seven kilograms of C-4 explosives were arrested by the SFs in the Pandarikulam area.
37941-72246-173136 4/22/2009 Puttalam It said that at least four LTTE militants, including local area leader Ramanan, were reported killed and an armour plated vehicle was destroyed when troops raided an LTTE gathering position east of Puttumatalan in the morning.
37941-72246-173137 4/22/2009 Puttalam Meanwhile, Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka said that troops engaged in expanding their defences within the NFZ attacked the last remaining Sea Tiger (sea wing of the LTTE) base in Puttumatalan compelling the Sea Tiger leaders to flee from that base.
37920-72202-172968 4/21/2009 Puttalam Meanwhile, at least 17 civilians were killed and over 200 injured when three LTTE suicide bombers rammed into civilian gatherings and blew themselves up inside the NFZ in the Puttumatalan area between 9.00a.-1.00pm (SLST) on April 20.
37894-72148-172789 4/19/2009 Puttalam Medical authorities at Puthumaaththalan hospital reported that 63 wounded civilians were admitted on April 17 while 55 others on April 18 at the makeshift hospital.
37877-72114-172685 4/17/2009 Puttalam Meanwhile, two three-year-old boys who sustained injuries during LTTE shelling in the un-cleared areas (area not under Government control) died at the Pulmoddai hospital in the night of April 14.


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Listing of All Recorded Events

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District Number of Events
Puttalam 85

The original source are newspaper clippings and extracts collected by the South Asian Terrorism Portal.