Terrorist Incidents in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

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Recent Events

Event ID Date State Event
59958-119792-303375 ¾/2009 Ratnapura On March 2, a LTTE woman-suicide bomber blew herself up in the Vannakulam area, to the east of Elephant Pass and to the south of Vettalaikerny, when the 55th Division troops attempted to go closer to her on suspicion.
37012-70370-167975 2/7/2009 Ratnapura The Website further reported that more than 100 SLA soldiers were killed in a Black Tigers (cadres of the suicide wing of the LTTE) attack targeting soldiers in the Keappaapulavu area, according to February 4 edition of Eezha Naatham daily, the only newspaper printed in LTTE-controlled territory.
59794-119456-302413 1/24/2009 Ratnapura During another clash that erupted between the two sides in the Therappuram area, the troops killed an unspecified number of militants.
59794-119463-302425 1/24/2009 Ratnapura On January 21, the SFs continued attacking LTTE camps in the Dharmapuram, Ramanathapuram and Visuamadu south areas inflicting an unspecified number of casualties upon the militants.
36808-69905-166668 1/22/2009 Ratnapura In addition, troops of the 57th and 58th Divisions clashed with militants in the Ramanathpuram and the east of Dharmapuram areas killing an unspecified number of militants.
35063-65846-155897 9/27/2008 Ratnapura Elsewhere, the troops eliminated two more militants while wounding three others in the Ranabapura area.


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Listing of All Recorded Events

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District Number of Events
Ratnapura 79

The original source are newspaper clippings and extracts collected by the South Asian Terrorism Portal.