Terrorist Incidents in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

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Recent Events

Event ID Date State Event
64846-131121-332510 8/14/2013 Azad Kashmir Meanwhile, Security Forces (SFs) assisted by Police arrested seven suspects during a search operation in Zafar Abad Colony, Gali Bagh Wali, Dinpur and Dera Bypass Road in Dera Ismail Khan District on a tip-off about the presence of prisoners who had escaped during the jail break attack and recovered 0.7million Afghani along with six AK-47s, 21 pistols, 10 double barrel guns and a sniper rifle from their possession.
62091-124703-316127 3/2/2013 Azad Kashmir The first attack occurred when armed men lobbed a grenade at Shafee Iron Works on Laurence Road in Naipier Police area.
61770-123891-314162 2/11/2013 Azad Kashmir During the cross-examination, the witnesses said they raided two LeT training camps at Yousaf Goth in Landhi area of Karachi and Mirpur Sakro area in Thatta District.
58002-115062-291576 9/27/2012 Azad Kashmir Separately, dozens of suspected militants were arrested up by Security Forces during search operations in Bagan, Mandori and other areas of Lower Kurram Agency.
60970-121968-309462 5/19/2012 Azad Kashmir Merah was killed after Police and Special Forces laid an almost 32-hour siege of his apartment in Toulouse, after his armed attacks on a Jewish school and killing of army personnel outside their barracks on March 15, 2012.
60643-121240-307578 5/4/2012 Azad Kashmir The gangsters removed dead bodies of two of the four killed - Junaid and Shehzad, Police said.


Violence Spatial Dimension in 2013 Time-Series Dimension

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District Number of Events
Muzaffarabad 10
Mirpur 3
Poonch 15
Neelum 54
Bagh 21
Sudhnati 5
Kotli 16
Bhimber 7

The original source are newspaper clippings and extracts collected by the South Asian Terrorism Portal.