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Subhan allegedly abducted two persons from Arankhola cattle market in Ishwardi sub-District on May 16, 1971.

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The most notable of the nine charges brought against Subhan is killing of 300-400 people including Hindus by the Pakistani army and its local collaborators under his leadership at several villages in Satbaria union of Sujanagar sub-District of Pabna District on May 12, 1971. Other charges brought against Subhan include killing of five and injuring three others in his presence and under his leadership at Juktitala village in Ishwardi sub-District of Pabna District on April 13, 1971. Accompanied by local Jamaat leaders and Biharis, Subhan abducted three persons, who had taken shelter in a local mosque, on April 17-18 in 1971. Later, they were killed before him. Led by Subhan, the Pakistani army raided Sahapur village in Ishwardi sub-District on May 2, 1971 and killed five people and looted several houses before setting those on fire. Subhan allegedly abducted two persons from Arankhola cattle market in Ishwardi sub-District on May 16, 1971. The hostages were tortured at District Dak Bungalow in Ishwardi. The JeI leader also led the Pakistani army in alleged attacks on Kulniya and Dogachi villages in Pabna District on May 11, 1971. Five people were killed and several houses were torched at that time. On May 20, 1971, under the leadership of Subhan, the Pakistani army allegedly picked up 18 people from Varara village in Pabna District and killed one of them instantly. Others had been tortured at Nurpur Power Plant. Later, some of them were killed near Debottar Bazar. At least 18 people were killed in the incident. In the first week of September, Subhan, accompanied by local Razakars, abducted two pro-liberation persons from Dublia Bazar under Pabna District and killed them inside a temple at Kuchiamara village. On October 30, 1971, Subhan and local Razakars attacked Betbaria village in Ishwardi and looted several houses before setting those on fire. Four people were also abducted from the village and later killed.

Event ID Date Country Storyhead
67191-137268-348373 1/1/2014 Bangladesh JeI Nayeb-e-Ameer Abdus Subhan indicted for involvement in genocide and crimes against humanity during the Liberation War

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